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WOE is a registered charity (no: 1175736). We deliver sessions in Equine Assisted education, coaching and wellbeing to adults and children. Our aims are to aid in personal development, education and positive mental health in order for people to lead a more fulfilled life.

We work closely with our community and focus our work on those that are at most need. We run workshops and clubs for children who have experienced bullying to help increase their confidence, resilience and self-esteem. We also offer volunteering opportunities for NEETs groups and are now an ASDAN Registered Centre running courses to enhance employability. We have also just completed a project with NEWMind Blue Light Programme, offering equine-assisted intervention to emergency service workers.

We have been fortunate to have helped people of all ages to overcome personal and mental health problems. These have ranged from low self-esteem and confidence to more difficult problems such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. We have had amazing results working with emergency service workers and hope to continue this in the future if we can secure further funding and better facilities.

"Set in the beautiful mountains of North Wales, we provide a place where you can experience the wonderful healing power
of horses".

Equine Assisted Education


Using our ponies we offer adventure-based learning activities which are linked to the curriculum and can be tailored to the learners current learning outcomes. We can combine learning about literacy, numeracy and science together with social skills, teamwork, personal development and empathy for others amongst myriad other skills.


Personal Development and Employability Skills - We are now a registered ASDAN Centre and able to deliver qualifications in Animal Care and Employability along with a range of other programmes targeted at 11-25 year olds.  Please contact us for more information.


Equine Assisted Coaching and Self Development


Wisdom of Equus uses the energy, presence and natural appeal of horses to deliver a range of activities and sessions to children and adults in a safe, controlled environment.


Horse have the ability to 'read' and respond to human energy and intention.  Their reactions are instant, honest and can change by the moment. This provides immediate feedback to our behaviour and is therefore a great tool to learning and self-development.


We provide therapeutic activities for all ages from the very young to the elderly.   Equine assisted activities can positively impact depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, grief/loss, relationship issues, eating disorders, anger management and post-traumatic stress resulting from physical or sexual abuse, combat-related trauma related to riding or road traffic accidents.


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